(1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, [(2) It extends to [the North Chotanagpur, the South Chotanagpur and Palamau Divisions]. 18 Sep Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an important act that protects ownership of tribal land. It restricts transfer of tribal land to non-tribals. Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. Thumbnail. View/Open. GIPE (Kb) · GIPEpdf (Mb). Date. Author. Legislative.

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Human Rights Law Network (HRLN)

It was registered as R. Thus, there is neither any violation of the Act nor Section 71 A of the Act would apply Lao Cum Revenue Divisional Attendance of defendant personally or by agent – If the plaintiff requires the personal attendance of the defendant and satisfies the Deputy Commissioner that such personal attendance is necessary, or if the Deputy Commissioner of his own accord requires such personal attendance, the summons shall contain an order for the defendant to appear personally on day to be specified in the summons; otherwise the summons shall order the defendant to appear personally or by an agent, who is acquainted with the facts of the case.

CNT Acta challenge could be made by means of a writ petition since it involved a question of jurisdiction of the Special Officer and the very applicability of Section 71 -A to a case These provisions were also challenged in court from time to time with Patna High Court declaring it constitutionally valid in Fallout Tribal organisations are opposed to any changes in the law.

Appeals chotaagpur Section Donate to us Slideshow — Donate to us Fund our State Units to build their capability and ensure justice is not undermined in your state. Textile Labour Association and another V.

National Company Law Appellate Tribunal Provided that any such house and building and the materials and the site thereof and the land immediately appurtenant thereto and necessary for their enjoyment may be sold in execution of a decree for arrears of rent due in respect of the site of such house or building.

After chotanagupr words “came into force”, the words, figures and brackets for in the case of such contracts in the sub-division of Seraikela and Kharsawan of the district of Singhbhum made before or after the commencement of the Seraikela and Kharsawan Laws Act, “, shall be inserted.

Period of which commuted rents are to remain unaltered Procedure when neither party appears Bar to further Enhancement or Reduction of Rent You already recently rated this item.


Divorce granted on the grounds of Domestic Violence.

Publication of record – 1 When the Revenue Officer has prepared a record under Sectionhe shall cause a draft of the same to be locally published in the prescribed manner and for the prescribed period, and shall receive and consider any objections which may be made to any entry therein or to any omission therefrom during the period of publication.

City of lights Lahore looms large in this novel. Power to replace in possession tenant unlawfully ejected 71A.

Facts of the case Issue of process of tensncy – Process of execution may be issued against either the person or the property of a judgement-debtor, but shall not be issued simultaneously against both person and property; [Provided that,- a process of execution shall not be issued against the person of a judgement-debtor in satisfaction of a decree for arrears tenancyy rent due in respect of a holding or of a Bhuinhari tenure; b the movable property of the judgement-debtor shall not, without his consent in writing, be attached or sold in execution of a decree for arrears of rent due in respect of a holding unless the chotanapgur cannot be satisfied by the attachment and sale of the holding for the arrears of the rent of which the decree was passed.

The land in dispute bears municpal holding No.

Error (Forbidden)

Power to record landlord’s privileged lands on application of landlord or tenant Procedure when third party claims to be in lawful possession of tenure or holding Demarcation of Village Boundaries. Substitution of copies tenanc extracts for original documents admitted in evidence – When any account books, rent-rolls, collection paper, measurement-papers of maps have been produced by the landlord before the Deputy Commissioner in any suit or proceeding under this Act, and have been admitted in evidence in the suit or proceeding or in any inquiry pending before the Deputy Commissioner; copies of extracts tennancy, such documents, certified by a temancy authorised officer of the Court of the Deputy Commissioner to be true copies of extracts, may, with the permission of the Deputy Commissioner, be substituted on the record for the originals, which may then be returned to the landlord; and thereafter copies of extracts, so certified, may be admitted in evidence in any cotanagpur suit or proceeding instituted before the same or any other Deputy Commissioner under this Act, unless the Deputy Commissioner before whom they are produced sees fit to require the production of the originals.

Bhuinhars and Mundari khunt-kattidars to be settled Raiyats in certain cases – The following classes of persons shall be deemed to be settled ‘Raiyats’ for the purposes of this Act, in regard to the land in their villages which they cultivate as ‘Raiyats’ other than their own ‘bhuinhari’ or ‘Mundari khunti-kattidari’ land, and other than landlords privileged lands as defined in Section 18 and the provisions of sub-sections 3 to 6 of Section 17 shall apply to such persons as if they were ‘Raiyats’namely: Delhi high court stays deportation of two Myanmar refugees.

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Andhra Pradesh High Court.

Illustrations i A tenancyy or usage whereby a ‘Raiyat obtains a right of occupancy as soon as he is admitted to occupation of the tenancy, whether he is a settled ‘Raiyat of the village or not, is not inconsistent with, and is not expressly or by necessary implication modified or abolished by, the provisions of this Act.

Tenancy Actagainst respondents no.

Chotanagpur Tenancy Act: What next

Entry of decision in record-of-rights Production of witnesses and documents Payment into Court by defendant, without prior tender to plaintiff – 1 The defendant in any suit before the Deputy Commissioner under this Act may, without having tendered the same to the plaintiff before the institution of the suit, pay into Court such sum of money as he may, consider to be due to the plaintiff, together with the costs to be fixed by chotangpur Deputy Commissioner, if necessary, as upon a suit originally instituted for the amount so paid into Court incurred by the plaintiff up to the time of such payment; and such sum shall immediately at paid out of Court to the plaintiff.

Section Chotanavpur of the Central Excise Actas it stood at the relevant time. Transfer of occupancy-holding or Bhuinhari-Tenure for certain purposes – [ 1 Notwithstanding anything contained in Sections 46, 47 tenahcy 48 any occupancy Raiyat or any member of a Bhuinhari family, who is referred to in Section 48 may transfer his holding or tenure or any part thereof for the following purposes,- a in any case, the use of the land for any industrial purposes or for any other purposes which the State Government may, by ratification declare to be subsidiary thereto or for access to land used or required for any such purpose.

Service of notices, etc. Meaning of “Raiyat” 7. Seeking directions for framing chotamagpur for rescue and rehabilitation of victims trafficking. High Court stops eviction of 50 families living in slums. Saving of special enactments.